I really don't care, that's my prerogative...
They say I'm crazy
Brazilian tumblr about the legendary Miss Britney Spears !

Its Britney, bitch! i follow me and send me asks if u wanna know something more about it.
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  1. the meaning behind my url: its very obviously “keep calm and love britney” 
  2. weakness: tv series, chocolate and candies
  3. why I love my best friend: he’s cool and he accepts me the way i am.
  4. last time I cried and why: i dont remember (omg this is awesome!)
  5. piercings I have: i don’t have 
  6. favourite band/s: florence and the machine and another singers like britney (of course), lorde, marina, lana del rey, katy perry…
  7. tattoos I want: i dont want tattoos (i’m weirdo?) 
  8. age: 16 summers.
  9. ideas of a perfect date: in a library coffee, with books and sweets <3 
  10. life goal(s): good job, be rich (ha), have a nice family.
  11. piercings I want: i dont want piercings too
  12. relationship status: single (obviously) 
  13. favourite movie: elizabethtown, the virgin suicides, marie antoinette and etc
  14. phobia: being replaced
  15. name: Barbara